Featuring Stories?? Why Not

Snapchat is considered to be the most fun and popular social platform where viewers can post images and videos in the form of stories that lasts for a good span of 24 hours, included with which are various filters and emojis. Well, in the recent while other social media platforms are acquiring the same story feature.

Instagram, another social media site has acquired the Story feature quoting it is a universal feature that should be and will be adopted by other social platforms. Well, what was said came out to be true and in the recent while and that WhatsApp came out with the story format on board. WhatsApp which is owned by Facebook launched the story feature saying that instead of putting a status, users will be allowed to post their status in the form of stories.

Working similar to the Snapchat and Instagram stories it has got bit of a new and unique features as add-ons- you can post stories for a span of 45 seconds and not 10 seconds like on other social media platforms, the stories will be shared with people only in your contact list and not with anyone unknown, also GIFs can be shared along.

Well, according to reviews, users never wanted WhatsApp to undergo such transition and that it is not good as that of Snapchat or Instagram. According to WhatsApp officials, users shared a lot of media along within chats and that stories are introduced tp share them with everyone.

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