Jennifer Lopez Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Jennifer Lopez, a diva for gracing the fields like e dancing, acting, hosting, singing, and songwriting, etc. There is nothing that she has not done, to be so influential one has to take ultimate care of their health and Lopez aced this principal long back and it even reflects upon her work. Jennifer Lopez has got the power to charm and she attributes it all to her healthy habits. 

Jennifer might look really confident on the stage but she never takes it for granted. She made a point of almost worshipping her body after knowing the type of her body. Jennifer quite easily understood that to glam up the camera one need not be thin but healthy, thus she strongly condemns starving. Her idea is to eat healthy instead of ignoring everything Here is a brief sneak peak of the Famous Jennifer Lopez Workout Routine and Diet. Arent, you lucky?

1. Mix and match

Just like her eccentric fashion sense, she makes sure that her workout session is not plain but a combination of cardio exercises, brisk exercises like biking, running, boxing, etc. This combination is the ideal one to forget those extra kilos.

She keeps experimenting because she knows that her body would stop responding positively if it encounters the same set of exercises again and again.

2. Lose weight but up to a point

Acting rationally again, Jennifer mentioned that she does not blindly go on losing weight rather makes an informed decision and begins only after marking the point where she wants to reach. Similarly, once acknowledging that she has reached the point she switches the regime into a lighter one to maintain the results. Wanna know something awesome, we found this same rule in Charlize Theron Workout Routine Diet Plan, how weird is that!

3. Eat right not less

The above heading sums up the entire ideology of Jennifer Lopez. She fails to recall the last time, she missed her meal even when she is on an extremely demanding schedule. According to her, starving is the route to lose energy and why on earth would one want to do that?Her diet is particularly rich in nutrients because things like grilled salmon and turkey and black coffee are the only beverage she takes.

4. Eat gene – wise

Now this is an interesting theory put forth by her, she thinks our diet must be planned around our genetic habits, we all get an inherited diet that owes can digest and make the most of using our genetic structure but if we indulge into excessive gorging of foodstuffs beyond it may end up obese.

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Taylor swift Plastic Surgery Real or What?


Today’s article is a sensational American singer. Being frank she is my first celeb crush and I haven’t stopped loving her since then. So she is one of the most famous American singer well known for her boyfriends and breakups. I guess you must have recognized her by now. She is none other than Taylor swift. So for those who don’t know her, shame on you. But still, I will give you a brief intro to tell you some important things about her.

Taylor Alison Swift is a young American pop singer, known the worldwide for her talent of singing and songwriting. Taylor has and exceptional voice, and luckily her early steps in the industry has helped her grow better. So, Taylor swift was born in Pennsylvania in the year 1989. She took her first steps towards the making of her career at a very young age of 14.Luckily the American entertainment and film industry welcome the talented blonde girl with open arms. In the year 2006 Taylor managed to release her first debut album which was a great hit. This album really gave a kick start to her career and since that she has given several hits. None of her albums have been a flop show till date. So as a result of such a great performance, Taylor has been honored with several prestigious singing awards.

The young and gorgeous Taylor is really something. She has managed to achieve what people can achieve in their lifetime. You guys must be thinking that she must be very happy with her life. It’s true to an extent, but that sweet smile hides a lot of secrets behind it. Well, it’s your lucky day because I am here to reveal some of them to you guys. I won’t be talking about her break ups or boyfriends. It’s something a lot of people see but neglect to notice. I am talking about her latest cosmetic surgeries. Yes, Taylor has got under the knives. For more details about the surgeries just keep on reading. Here are some Taylor swift After Nose Job Pictures. tell us what you think.


I guess you guys know it as boob job? So, this is the most common type of cosmetic surgery a woman goes through. Thousands of women, especially the rich and wealthy ones have gone through the breast implant treatment. Most of the women are not satisfied with the size and shape of their breast. So to improve the overall appearance of the breast, they decide to make them smaller or bigger, softer or firmer, rounder or any other shape they want. Wanna know how a real boob job looks at taking a look at Park Bom’s drastic plastic surgery transformation

Well coming back to Taylor. If you compare her before and after pics, you will be easily able to notice her new and enlarged breast. I have heard rumors of how Taylor was deeply unsatisfied with her undersized breast. So to make them fuller she finally decided to go through a breast implant surgery. Earlier her breast we flat, but now they ar bigger, rounder and firmer. She has shifted from 30 b to 32 c. I think the surgery went really nice for her. Being very frank I love her new and improve breast.

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Featuring Stories?? Why Not

Snapchat is considered to be the most fun and popular social platform where viewers can post images and videos in the form of stories that lasts for a good span of 24 hours, included with which are various filters and emojis. Well, in the recent while other social media platforms are acquiring the same story feature.

Instagram, another social media site has acquired the Story feature quoting it is a universal feature that should be and will be adopted by other social platforms. Well, what was said came out to be true and in the recent while and that WhatsApp came out with the story format on board. WhatsApp which is owned by Facebook launched the story feature saying that instead of putting a status, users will be allowed to post their status in the form of stories.

Working similar to the Snapchat and Instagram stories it has got bit of a new and unique features as add-ons- you can post stories for a span of 45 seconds and not 10 seconds like on other social media platforms, the stories will be shared with people only in your contact list and not with anyone unknown, also GIFs can be shared along.

Well, according to reviews, users never wanted WhatsApp to undergo such transition and that it is not good as that of Snapchat or Instagram. According to WhatsApp officials, users shared a lot of media along within chats and that stories are introduced tp share them with everyone.

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Arnold Calls Trump’s Ban ‘Crazy’

Trump’s call for a “Muslim Ban” which became a rage among the US, which states that barring people from entering the country and halting into the nation. The former governor of California said the action was taken by President “was vetted badly and makes us look stupid.”When asked about his views on this action, he said “I think the real problem is that it was vetted badly,” and added “If they would run this by the Justice Department and Homeland Security and had the lawyers really study and focus on it and give it some time to do it the right way.”

However, he pointed out that he understood the need to keep terrorist away from the country, but he suggested that there are many ways to keep them away rather than this Muslim Ban. The star of ‘Terminator’, who is an immigrant from Austria and came to the US in 1968, sympathize others those got affected by this order.

“To go and ban people who have a green card, that means that the United States of America has given you permission to work here permanently and you are on the way to permanent citizenship. I was in that position,” Arnold said. “It’s crazy, it’s crazy and makes us look stupid when the White House is ill-prepared to put this kind of executive order out there.”

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