Linda Evans Before And After Surgery


Do you guys know Linda Evans ? Well of course you do. The famous American actress is well known for her various roles in American TV serials. Linda was born in the year 1942, and she got her first break through in the entertainment industry in the year 1960. Since then she has been a sensation. She was active in the entertainment business for almost 17 years. We can still watch her giving guest appearance in several movies and TV serials . And the good part is that its alway feels good to see her in action.

For me ( personally) Linda is an evergreen actress. I have been watching her since I was a toddler and what’s surprising is that Evans still has the charm. She is one of the most gorgeous actresses America has ever received. Her beauty is truly mesmerizing, but sadly it’s not real. Shocked? Well, dont be. Many people are not aware of Linda’s plastic surgery. Her appealing appearance often fools thousand of men out there. For years she was known as a natural beauty that graced the Television. But finally, Linda revealed the secret behind her charm.

Linda Evans Before And After Surgery

The plastic surgery of Evans is a popular controversial topic that hits the media every now and then. The thing is, that the surgery didn’t go as planned. Most people have a plastic surgery to look better but in the case of Linda things didn’t turn up so well. Almost 70% of the polls suggest that Linda looked better before the surgery ( and I completely agree with it). It is very obvious after seeing her before Vs After photographs that Linda looked better before.

Her plastic surgery Includes Nose job ( also know as Rhinoplasty) , lip augmentation, Eyelid surgery and finally the cheek implant. I know these things sound weird in the starting. So let’s take a closer look at her plastic surgery and find out more.
Personally speaking, I don’t find any difference in her nose. People often stare at her before and after photos to find out the difference in a nose, but not more than 20% of the people can state the difference. The people who can see the difference tell that her new nose is a bit broader, well I believe its just a myth. What do you thing?


Well, this is surely true. Do you know about those eye bags every old actress hate? The eyelid surgery has really helped Linda to get rid of those eye bags. I say you take a good look at her before and after photos and gauge the difference yourself.

It is very easy to notice her lip augmentation. If you look at the upper lip, you can very easily state that it is the result of plastic surgery. Her upper lips seem fuller and ballooned. Well, I can go into the detail and tell the process but let’s not do that.

Having a plastic surgery was one of the worst suggestions Linda every maid. She spent a whole lot of money just to look worse and she really regrets doing it.

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Hunter Tylo After Plastic Surgery


Do you know Hunter Tylo? Yes, she is the author. Isn’t she a model? Yes ,she is a model. Isn’t she the actress forms bold and beautiful? Yes, she is. Well, in short , she is the same person. Hunter Tylo is a famous American actress, author, and model , who has gained her popularity over the years with her talents and skills. Tylo was born in the year 1962 and turned 54 on this 3rd of July. She made her debut in the entertainment industry in the year 1985 , as an actress in the soap opera ‘All my children‘.

Her appearance as a brand new actress was a big hit. She was liked by many and was offered parts in several movies and TV shows. She is most popularly know for her Performance in the show Bold and Beautiful. Other than this she wrote her autobiography Making a Miracle which was a great hit too. She has received a lot of praise and applause for her performance in various fields.

The reason for the name and fame of Tylo is her talent. Is that it? Well of course not, her beauty and amazing body features make her even smoke likable by the audience. But that’s not it, her controversial plastic surgeries and beauty enhancement treatments are the main reason for her popularity among the celeb group. So come on and let’s take a closer look at her plastic surgeries.



Every actress above 40 is worried about aging. Each and every actress is using one or the other method to look young and avoid the signs of aging. The most common method or process used by the women to get a younger looking skin is buttox injection. Tylor is one of the most famous actresses known to use buttox injections. Unfortunately, she has used it a bit too many effects of which are clearly visible on her face.


To look better Tylo has done a lot of experimentation oh her face. As a method of beauty, enhancement tylo has got a nose job, lip filling, and cheek implant. The nose job of Hunter Tylo is not very prominent, though experts say that the face treatment that has only mad her look better. Now the lip filling; this implant is very easily noticeable on the face of style hunter. Her new lips look all ballooned up. Some people say its better but I personally don’t like it. Finally the cheek implant ; unlike her nose job the cheek implant has brought prominent changes in her looks. The plump cheeks and the thick lips bring out a joker smile from tylos face.



I have watched tylos since she has joined the industry. The hot actress has always had big boobs but in recent times they appear to be unnaturally huge. Many people compared her old picture with new ones and can see a noticeable change in her breast size. If you don’t believe me, just see them yourselves. But I surely agree to one thing, those racks are amazing.

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Oldest Universities In Asia

Oldest universities in Asia

Universities are a European institution, with the University of Bologna, Oxford University, University of Salamanca and University of Cambridge as among the earliest universities with continuing operation.

After 1500, the earliest learning institutions in Asia were established in Manila, Philippines.

Below is the list of the top oldest universities in Asia:


1. University of Santo Tomas (1611), Philippines

The University of Santo Tomas, or U.S.T., is the oldest existing university not only in the Philippines but in Asia. It is 25 years older than Harvard University–the oldest existing university in the United States.

A private, Catholic and research university, UST was founded on April 28, 1611 by then Archbishop of Manila Miguel de Benavides. It initially operated as a seminary for aspiring priests and it offered courses in theology, philosophy, canon law, civil law, grammar, logic, grammar, and the arts. By 1871, UST added medicine and pharmacy to its growing list of offerings.

Hailed as the largest university in Manila, UST also produced four Philippine presidents and six chief justices of the Philippine Supreme Court. The Filipino national hero, Jose P. Rizal, also studied in this university while its campus was still at its old site in Intramuros, Manila.

The university relocated to its present 21.5-hectare site in Sampaloc, Manila in 1927. In the same year, it began accepting female enrollees.

During WWII, with the Philippines under Japanese occupation, UST campus became an internment camp, mostly for foreigners until the American forces liberated the campus in February 1945.

Conferred the title “Catholic university,” UST has been visited by three popes: Pope Paul VI, Pope John Paul II and Pope Francis.

In 2011, it was declared a national historical landmark. Based on 2014 enrollment, UST had close to 50,000 enrollees.

Today, it prides itself as among the leading and world-class universities in the region.


2. Colegio de San Juan de Letran (1620), Philippines

The second oldest university is Colegio de San Juan de Letran, another private learning institution run by the Dominican Order of the Catholic Church.

Originally founded by a retired Spanish officer Don Juan Geronimo Guerrero in 1620, the college was originally called “Colegio de Niños Huerfanos de San Juan de Letran” aimed at educating orphans. Subsequently, the school for ophans founded by Guerrero was merged with “Colegio de Huerfanos de San Pedro y San Pablo” and officially adopted the name Colegio de San Juan de Letran.

Letran has produced a saint, presidents, lawmakers, and revolutionary leaders, among others.


3. Santa Isabel College Manila (1632), Philippines


Santa Isabel College is one of the oldest existing schools for girls in the region. Established on Oct. 24, 1632, its purpose was to educate Spanish orphans in this Spanish colony in the Pacific. In 1733, it adopted the name, “Real Colegio de Santa Isabel.”


4. Serampore College (1818), India

Serampore College, in West Bengal, India, is the country’s oldest existing college. It was founded in 1818 by English missionaries William Carey, Joshua Marsman and William Ward–the Serampore Trio–to provide education to students regardless of caste, color or country.


5. Dhaka College (1841), Bangladesh

Dhaka College is one of the earliest learning institutions in Bangladesh. It was established in 1835 by Dr. James Taylor as an English school. It became a college in 1841. From 1841, the campus had relocated on several occasions until it settled at its present site on Mirpur Road in 1955.

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Celebrities With Weird Phobias

Celebrities With Weird Phobias

You love the Hollywood stars by heart. But do you know some of them have the weirdest phobias? Here is a list of the seven famous people who have such weirdest phobias.

Johnny DeppCoulrophobia


Do you remember Captain Sparrow? Yes, we are talking about Johnny Depp. He is famous as an American actor and a film producer. But he suffers from Coulrophobia, i.e. the fear of clowns for the fake smile and their painted face.

Madonna, Brontophobia

This is Madonna, the boldest, versatile and famous American singer. She has an annoying fear of thunderstorms and lightning, which is known as Brontophobia or Astraphobia.

David Beckham, Ataxophobia


This famous stylish English footballer has a high career graph, a happy family and also a very organized life. But he has a strange fear of untidiness. He needs everything to be perfect around him. He has OCD also i.e. every single thing needs to be organized in even numbers only.

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Hilarious Notes Written by Kids

 Hilarious Notes Written by Kids

Kids are innocent and more honest than grown-ups. And they speak out whatever is in their minds however blunt and sometimes out right mean it might sound. This can make for hilarious moments as seen in the following 10 notes written by kids. It is for us to decide whether these notes are innocent, mean or funny.


P.S I Love You

Such an adorable and honest confession by a kid who is capable of identifying that he is angry, so unlike grown-ups who are supposedly more mature.

To The Tooth Fairy

LOL!! Such an innocent confession and the alternative given by the kid is hilarious.

Sorry, Not Sorry

This kid makes a blunt confession as to sorry, he is not sorry. It sounds mean but is a truthful confession.

Assassins Failed

A note cannot get anymore straight forward. Yet it evokes a laugh.

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Types Of Women You Should Always Avoid

Women are the strangest yet the most mysterious creation of God. They are beautiful, delicate, sweet, dependable yet strong to take care of the entire family. Men dream of their life partners who owe all these qualities. But some types of women are there whom you would like to avoid when you think of dating or getting married.

Here are types of women you should avoid to select as a life partner.


  • Trophy Tina with her perfection: All the right curves are her assets in the right places. Men are naturally attracted to them. But they are quite dangerous in nature. So select your beautiful wife not out of her looks only.
  • Dominating Donna with all the power: She would love to dominate everything. These types of women are not happy with the God’s creation even. If she is allowed, she loves to change the Bible itself. If you are willing to marry her, you can. But we suggest you to stay away from her or just run.
  • The Chatty Cathy and her knowledge: Whether they know or not, they will comment on every single matter and everybody, she looks at. She will find fault in everything and everybody. If you love to be criticized in every aspect, go marry her otherwise just stay away.
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Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery Images

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Mary Kidman famously known as Nicole Kidman was born on June 20, 1967 in Honolulu, Hawaii. She is an actress and a well known producer. In 1989, she got featured in Dead Calm mini series Bangkok Hilton. In 1990, she performed in film Days of Thunder, Far and Away and Batman Forever and she came to recognition globally. She earned Golden Globe Award for Best Actress and Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance in musical Moulin Rouge! In 2001. For film The Hours , she recieved Academy Award fir Best Actress, BAFTA Award in a Leading Role, and the Silver Bear for Best Actress at the Berlin International Film Festival.

She has been a part of UNICEF as a Goodwill Ambassador since 1994 and for UNIFEM too. She was a part of Order of Australia. And she became highest paid actress in motion picture in 2006. She too owns a production company named Blossom Films.

Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery Before and After


1. Botox injections

This glamour job does not come easy and once it comes to you, you cant dare to trifle with it. A lot of Hollywood actors tend to go for plastic surgeries to stretch their carer well. With better camera quality, actors who have to be on screen to earn stoop to any possible way to look better and flawless atleast from the face. As after a point of time you can still bag roles if your face looks charming, thus entire pressure comes on your face. You need not spend much on your body, but keeping a tab on wrinkles from the very beginning can help stretching your career. Results of plastic surgery are all out of luck, either they are good or they are a blunder.

Nicole kidman, the stunning actress is also speculated to have undergone  surgeries. The sudden changes on her face proves that she its all because of fillers and Botox.

Moreover, whats clear like water in her case is that she admitted the bitter truth as modestly as one could. In 2013 she gave away the secret.

Her face looks very tight, especially compared to the faces of women of her age who face saggy skin with terrible scales. The way she boldly admitted them is quite recommendable.


Although she came out with confirmations in 2013, but in 2016, she however twisted her commitments in other direction,  ” she said she never went under the knife, but only used Botox fillers, which were not very fruitful, so she never opted for them again. At one place, Critics appreciated her decision where at other place she condemns her decision and the results because she felt much natural beneath her skin earlier and credits her good eating habits as the reason for previous glow.

2. Breast Job

Earlier we were sure that she opted for botox fillers, but this one is not confirmed but apparent from her bust size. Larger bust size is important to look better and appealing onscreen. Her breast job gives her a great edge over others. Its not all about a larger  bust size but also about the shape, both of these features are not available naturally

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